Pool for energy quickly

Glucose is the main fuel for almost every cell in our body. Our brain, the central nervous system and the developing red blood cells, prefer glucose over any other source. When you exercise Revolyn Keto Burn Review or have not eaten for a while, your body will break down your glycogen pool for energy quickly.

What happens when you run out of glycogen? Big question! If a person does not replenish their glycogen stores, their body will break down protein and fat for energy. What is the problem? The cells of the brain can not use them. This is where ketones come in.

When there are no more carbohydrates left that provide energy Revolyn Keto Burn Review, the body will begin to produce ketone bodies, which can provide energy for most types of cells. As ketones are produced, the accumulation of ketones in the body is known as ketosis.

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