Recreational Cannabis

The federal law is unequivocal at this point: the resin from any part of the Marijuana plant or any preparation made with the resin is strictly out of bounds. The fiber produced from the hemp stems and the oil obtained when pressing the hemp seeds have a legal permission, but not the resin. The feds did not want anyone to mess with the resin.

In regards to medicinal and recreational Cannabis, resin is where the action is. The resin contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and Sera Labs CBD Oil (cannabidiol), along with dozens of other secondary metabolites of the plant (mainly other cannabinoids and terpenoids) that increase human brain chemistry and alleviate physiological and psychological discomfort.

The sticky resin is contained in the head of the tiny fungus-shaped trichomes, which are found mainly in the fragrant female flowers of the plant (the buds) and in smaller amounts in the leaves Sera Labs CBD Oil. There are also the insignificant sessile trichomes in the stems of the hemp plants, but these hardly contain any resin. Fine, non-glandular hair with inverted commas also covers the surface of the plant.

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