Whitening is combined tooth whitening

It is important that you bear in mind that home remedies or treatments acquired in pharmacy are not only not useful, but can sometimes be harmful to your oral health: in some cases Denta Seal Review, they are abrasive to the tooth enamel or damage the tissues that they surround the tooth.

The most effective tooth whitening is combined tooth whitening. This would be the step-by-step treatment sequence. First, you must go to the clinic so that our specialists assess the state of health of your mouth and the stains present in the tooth enamel.

Once these have given their agreement and estimate that whitening can be effective to improve the aesthetics of your smile Denta Seal Review, our team of hygienists will perform a professional oral cleaning -profilaxis- before starting the treatment. In addition, to make tailor-made splints, impressions will be taken from your mouth.

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